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Ontrac actuator used in SUPCON solar thermal power generation project



SUPCON solar energy company has mastered molten salt absorption of heat, heat accumulation, core technology of heat transfer. The large-scale molten salt storage system is grate successful and with the condition to apply in commercial.

So, SUPCON launch the Phase 1 of  50 MW solar thermal power projects---Tower solar thermal power generation 10 MW power station molten salt storage system reconstruction project.

Through the implementation of the molten salt storage system project, the 10 mw power station will become China's first configuration hot molten salt storage system of solar thermal power plants.

Ontrac actuators are widely applied & with advanced and mature technology in solar thermal power line. Considering the project is a milestone in solar thermal power generation, SUPCON need a long prestigious actuator supplier of which with advanced technology & mature processes. SUPCON build the long cooperation with Ontrac actuator.