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Ontrac actuators applied in Is lung paper line



These Ontrac Actuators are made for Is lung co., ltd. They will be transported to Vietnam and applied in paper line. Is lung co., ltd is an international paper manufacturing services group, business all over the Taiwan and Asia. In 2015, Is lung co., ltd invested $240 million in Vietnam Pingyang to build a new paper line, as was Is lung co., ltds one of the biggest investment overseas. Is lung co., ltd. said, this paper line annual output reaches of 300,000 tons, expecting in the first half of 2018 it can be used in production. Thanks to build the new paper line, Is lung co., ltd. now needs a reliable actuator supplier and quality actuators. Taken this chance cooperate with each other, Ontrac Actuator meets all of Is lungs requirements and more than Is lung’s expectation.