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Ontrac Awarded a Agroforestry Biomass Power Generation Project in Guizhou Chishui



Ontrac Awarded a Agroforestry Biomass Power Generation Project in Guizhou Chishui. The project is located in Guizhou Chishui city industrial park. The industrial park scheduled to build a new line with “1×30MW” high temperature and high pressure steam turbine generator unit & “1×150t/h” high temperature and high pressure circulating fluidized bed boiler to process agricultural and forestry waste. The main purple is converse the agricultural and forestry waste into power.

China is a vast country with great geographical diversity, and agricultural and forestry waste is full of bio fuel possibilities. Before the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, China announced that we will reduce the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions per unit of gross domestic product in 2020 by 40–45% compared to our 2005 level, the baseline year for measuring climate and environmental progress in the country. At present, the agricultural and forestry waste is the least developed form of renewable energy in China, and largely because its resource base is not directly provided by nature as is the case with wind, solar, and hydropower. Rather, agricultural and forestry waste converse into energy production involves an intricate system of collection and distribution between the farmers who supply agricultural wastes to manufacturers who transform it into modern energy. 

Auto control system security and stability operation is necessary to the security and stability process of agricultural and forestry waste. The role of Ontrac in the conversion of agricultural and forestry waste into power is to provide quality&reliable actuators.