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Buayai Bio Power project form Thailand



Buayai Bio Power Company Limited (BBP) is a rice husk-fired power plant owned by a rice miller in Thailand.

The biomass-fuelled cogeneration power plant uses high-pressure superheated steam generated from a steam boiler to run a condensing steam turbine connected to a generator that produces the electricity. The boiler will generate 35 tph of steam at 40 bar and at 450°C. The condensing steam turbine will have inlet steam parameters of 34 tph, 34.3 bar and 450°C. The rated capacity of the generator is 7.5 MW. All the required auxiliary equipment including fuel handling, ash handling, water pre-treatment systems, cooling tower, compressed air system, instrumentation & control system and fire-fighting system are included in the project’s power plant. 

Ontrac electric actuators are the important parts of the power plant’s  instrumentation & control system. Low power consumption and reliability are their special requirements.More than 80 units Ontrac electric actuators are adopted in the power plant’s instrumentation & control system.