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Ontrac electric actuator used in Qige sewage treatment plant



The choice of techniques and equipment of sewage treatment plants is directly related to the effects of sewage treatment and the environment building of sustainable development in an area.

Qige sewage treatment is the biggest sewage processing plant in Hangzhou ,  Zhejiang province, with a daily sewage treatment capacity of 1.2 million tons. At its peak last year, it was over 1.3 million tons a day, which means it is overloaded. By replacing leaky pipes, optimized the AAO waste water treatment processing and modified the the anaerobic tank, Qige sewage treatment daily processing capacity is up to 1.5 million tons a day. The customer also carefully to select an equipment to process waste water and to make discharged waste water meet the class A standard.

Ontrac electric actuator has 20 years sewerage treatment application experience, the customer choses Ontrac as one of the critical equipment for its sewerage treatment system retrofit to control the valve.