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Ontrac applied in Donggang thermal power co., ltd and Zhefeng energy co., ltd



Our product are widely applied in various industry field, power generation, gas&oil, chemical, iron&steel, paper line, water treatment,infrastructure, etc. Hereafter are two of our customers.

Quzhou Donggang environmental thermal power co., LTD., founded in May 2004, controlled by zhejiang Haili group , the total assets of 300 million yuan.Company is mainly responsible for Quzhou City Donggang cogeneration project construction and operations and it is the first public Quzhou ...City thermal power plant, as power generation and center heating system to all enterprises in Donggang industrial zone. Phase I equipped with 4 x 75 t/h circulating fluidized bed boiler, 2 x 15 MW extraction condensing steam turbine generator set, 1 x 6 MW turbo-generator set back pressure type, and equipped with domestic advanced DCS operating system and the cloth bag dusting system, installed capacity of 36000 KWH, the max amount steam supplies 184.2 tons per hour.

Zhejiang Zhefeng energy development co., LTD., as wholly owned subsidiary of Xianhe Group, registered 100 million yuan RMB. Equipped with 4 units of 130 t/h circulating fluidized bed boiler of high temperature high pressure, 1x 12 MW + 2x15 MW back-pressure steam turbine generator set. Total investment is planned 590 million yuan, annual output value is expected to 300 million yuan, annual output of translucent paper is expected to 28000 tons, and 80000 tons for special resistance to wet coating advertising paper project.