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Ontrac actuators applied in Star Controls Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd



Star Controls Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. buy 22 sets Ontrac electric actuators. Star Controls Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a Singapore wholly owned company in Shanghai, and now already established a reputation as one of major suppliers of industrial and mechanical valves and pumps in China by the past 20 years efforts.

Since its inception, Star Controls has been designated as the East China region (Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei,) exclusive a...gents by Emerson. Star Controls is now the Emerson process management group’s important business partners in China, agents more Emerson products. Including Fisher control valve, Fisher regulator, El-O-Matic actuator, BETTIS actuator, TOPWORX, Fieldvue, FieldQ integration of the executive body, PlantWeb plant management and control network, etc.. Star Controls is also the agent of the sale of Univals valves, Richter valves, OHL valves and other international well-known brand valve.