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About Ontrac

Ontrac specializes in the development and manufacturing of electric actuators and provides valve automation solutions for energy, chemical, steel,cements and other industries.
Ontrac 's intelligent electric actuators can optimally perform in many different environments. The IP68 protection against dust and water, Exd IIC T4 rating for explosion-proof working environment and split installation configuration for high-temperature working area or severe vibration working condition. Ontrac actuator provides digital and analogue input and output signals. Additionally, Ontrac actuator provides Profibus and Modbus communication protocols as options.
With advanced ABB VFC technology, Ontrac actuators not only protect the customer's assets, but also help improve production efficiencies. It replaced traditional relay and mechanical control with its advanced VFC technology, provides precise control when opening and closing the valve.
Ontrac's intelligent electric actuators are used in many industries such as energy, minerals, water treatment, mining, oil, gas, and others to control process valves and utility ventilation gates.
Because of our products technological advantage and uncompromising reliability, Ontrac has expanded rapidly with customers across the world. 
"Ontrac Actuator keeping your production line On-Track"

Committing to Quality

Quality issues are at the forefront of Ontrac’s philosophy. ISO 9001 quality control applies to all aspects of its development and manufacturing work, from initial design through to delivery of final products to customers.
100% of Ontrac products are tested and certified prior to shipment. Testing procedures simulate the actual operating conditions of the valve. 
Ontrac’s Technical/Sales Organization is always ready to assist and solve all of our Clients’ inquiries.